Friday, October 26, 2012

Pendleton Portland Clothing: Casual and Still Fashionable

Whenever you step outside your home you may still want to have some sense of fashion in what you wear. If you’re used to dressing fashionable and feel uncomfortable in casual clothing, you should be able to accomplish both. Fashion and casual can go together and the biggest problem you’ll have will be changing from casual into fashionable because casual shouts comfortable.

When casual involves denim and jeans, you need to find the style and make that fit your body. You don’t want to have the low waistbands that slide below your underwear. Nothing is more unattractive. Sure plumbers and construction workers get away with it, but you know what you think when you see them lean forward. So pick and choose carefully and look in a mirror that shows your backside.

The type of jeans you purchase should fit everywhere including your waist, thighs and legs, and you don’t want them too short or too long. They shouldn’t drag on the ground and if they do, hem them up so they fit properly. The trend of jeans with holes in them has past, and the ones that look bleached out have gone by the wayside too.

However many companies have joined the bandwagon to make different style jeans to fit particular bodies. As popular as jeans are today you’ll be sure to find a pair made specifically for your type of body.

You’ll see many women wearing boots with their jeans. For the knee-high boot, the jean legs should flare out, while the ankle boot would fit perfectly and choose the heel type as well. Most agree that the stiletto heels are bad for our feet, but we wear them anyway. The more comfortable and practical height will not be too high or too low.

T-shirts are here to stay, but you don’t have to have ones that fit like a glove, but are more relaxed. Whether you like frilly tops or t-shirts that make a statement you should still stay with the ones that look best on you. Halters and camisoles should be worn in the privacy of your home especially if you have bulky arms. There are t-shirts with cap sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, or sleeveless to choose from.

If your goal is to always look your best no matter where you go you might consult the owner or manager of the store or department where you shop. Remember though,   when you feel good with what you’re wearing, you probably look good too.

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