Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fashionable Dresses, Shoes and Accessories

In years gone by, dresses were worn by ladies; while jeans, trousers, and slacks were worn by men. Ladies did not wear men’s clothing. Times have changed and it seems that anything goes, but dresses are still in fashion.

You’ll find a dress for every occasion. There are plain dresses, cocktail dresses, evening dresses, sundresses, traditional dresses, and even the little black dress. They’re in every type material from cotton, wool, nylon, and you might find one in leather and all the way in between.

When you want a nice dress to wear to work, you might pick up a contrasting jacket. Then when the day is done, remove the jacket and put on a pretty necklace and you can go out for the evening. The cocktail dress will look good at a wedding, but choose a more dignified one to wear at the party hosted by your boss.

That little black dress can be shorter than usual, but if you’re more comfortable with one that hits your knees go for it. Most don’t get the opportunity to wear evening dresses, but if the need arises pick one that compliments your figure. The traditional dress would be for special occasions where the dress represents your place of origin.    

The variety and options of shoes vary widely. With the exceptions of weddings, most pumps do not match your outfit. A comfortable pair of basic style shoes can last for years, but if you prefer the trendy shoe, it will not stay in style long enough to wear out.

Boots are stylish too, but if you want your boots to last for more than one season choose a style that you can wear more than once. Whether knee or ankle length with a medium size heel.

Flats are popular as well, and they can be quite stylish and comfortable. Flip flops are comfortable and almost like going bare foot. They are suitable to wear with shorts, denim skirts, capris and sundresses and come in bright colors to match your bright colored clothes.

They aren’t suitable in an office or business stick with flats if you can’t wear heels.

The accessories you choose to wear should compliment your outfit. From belts to bags and even a watch can match your outfit. Scarves are popular and you can wear them tied around your neck or waist. They come in every material on the market and can be functional when worn for warmth.

Necklaces and earrings, from costume jewelry to gold and diamonds can detract or be an attractive addition to your fashion statement.

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